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Detailed List of Services

Tree Pruning

Roof and Building Clearance

  • to prevent damage to structures, pruning is done to maintain a safe distance 

Deadwood Removal

  • for safety primarily - removing dead limbs to prevent harm to unsuspecting persons or structures below​


  • removal of selective live branches for increased air-flow, sun penetration, and reduced competition in an otherwise dense canopy

  • lessens risk of failure in high winds by allowing wind to pass through more easily

  • structural pruning to remove defective limbs and balance the weight of the tree

Canopy Reduction

  • reduces the end weight and height of the crown (or top) of a tree in a healthy way by pruning back to healthy live laterals and promoting new crown growth

  • smaller cuts and less stress on the tree; reduces risk of decay and/or pest infestation

  • in older trees especially, removing long, heavy, overextended limbs and/or defective branches as well as those with poor attachment points can prevent torsional cracks from developing and reduce the risk of failure in winter storms and/or high winds  


  • selective removal of lower branches to provide vertical clearance


Vista Pruning

  • so you may enjoy the view, while keeping your trees!

Tree & Shrub Removal

  • Experienced in all types of tree removal from the most basic to the most difficult scenarios, including near structures, other obstacles and electrical lines/wires, and on various types of terrain

  • Crane service available – in certain scenarios, this can be an economical time-saving approach

  • WANT TO KEEP YOUR WOOD & REUSE IT?  If requested, we will gladly cut your trees’ resulting trunk wood to your specifications so that you can reuse it for firewood or some other project you had in mind. You may also request that we dump any resulting wood chips on-site.  They are often great to use as playground chips, to develop soil in a garden area, as garden walkways, for mulching around wild raspberries, and many other uses.


Stump Removal


  • Stump grinding following tree removal, including surface roots protruding from the surrounding grade

  • Stump grinding of existing stumps

Cabling & Bracing


  • Stabilize your existing trees for safety; can be a viable alternative to removal

Lightning Protection Systems


  • Reduce risk of lightning strike to highly susceptible trees that are historically significant or of high value by installation of grounding systems

  • Click here for more information.

Lot Clearing


  • Regain use of more of your yard and/or create new usable space

  • Clearing of trees, shrubs, vines, underbrush, & stump removal


Storm Cleanup


  • Safe removal of down or partially down trees or limbs - restoring a kempt appearance

  • Crane service available to prevent further damage to structures

Cleanup of all resulting debris after each job.

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